Untired With Loving 

My dearest Pain:
The loss has weakened me
In chamber of love
Fatigue has bedridden me
On my pillow
Enervating scars
Have defaced me
Hundred times unrecognized
Death came by...
And neglected me

Baba Afzal Kashani

Peace be upon all those who seek the relief from loss and heartache...

Peace be upon all those who seek the sanctuary of their Creator to find healing and caress...

Peace be upon all those whose hearts are shattered by loss of their only possession i.e. their loved ones!

It is time to learn how to love and understand what love is.

When your heart breaks a door opens to your face, beyond it the eternal bliss while at its doorstep tremendous pain.

There are many who stepped through this door and they sent us their farewell in form of mystic Sufi poems.

These mystic poets, each an scholar on a different matter of love and loss, bring to us many hundreds of years after their death
a clarity and depth to re-learn how to love.

I hope the English readers make these lost treasures their own and extract from them the wealth to enlighten their hearts.

Do not fear to fall in love and do not fear the hurt of the loss, fear the numb unloving heart that will bring you analgesic life.

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