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Your Self in a Mirror

You cannot see yourself directly.

You must have an external entity, something that is not you, to use its utilities and functions in order to see an image of yourself e.g. mirror.

If you are unable to see your own self, then how could you see something in another universe? Specially in the universe of spiritualities.

So it is the fact that you need a mirror to see the reflections of any entities in any universe including seeing your own self. Without the mirror, there will be no reflected images, and therefore you could not see anything in another universe.

The fabric of your creation is Ishq (Unary Unrestrained Love), infinite self-entanglement, within the entangles both temporal and non-temporal Divine Beauty is stored and aglow, and yet due to the severity of the self-entanglement there is no chance ever that you could see your own beauty (in absence of a mirror):

Insan Kamil
Azizeddin Nasafi

"O Darwish! senses (e.g. touch) have no way to access the realm of Jabarut (Seed universe for all universes), and Aql (Intellect) bewildered with it and these senses only allow you to access the Mulk (Corporeal Realm) and Aql (Intellect) lets you access the Malakut (Spiritual Realm), while Ishq (Unary Unrestrained Love) lets you access the realm of Jabarut (Seed universe for all universes) since Jabarut is the real of Ishq and all the dwellers of Jabarut are in love with their own self. Thus they need a mirror to see their own beauty and to observe their own attributes. "

As the mirror allows for transferring of the images from a remote or inaccessible location, Nasafi's mirror allows for the universes to exchange images (what they are) with each other, like lovers' exchange so to say:

Insan Kamil
Azizeddin Nasafi

"O Darwish! The relatedness of these universes are brimful with Ishq (Unary Unrestrained Love), every relatedness (say A in one universe is related to B in another universe) serves as mirror (reflects an image of A into B) while the antecedent and precedent (A and B) are actually in love with each other, and both in love with the mirror as well. Consequently these forms of existence are brimful with such unrestrained love, and when Salik (Voyager) reaches the rank of Ishq (Unary Unrestrained Love), ablaze with the flame of Ishq, purified from all impurities i.e. infinitely simplified free of any designs or shapes, finds affinity with the dwellers of the Jabarut since they are all infinitely simple free of any designs or shapes as well.

And when the mirror of the Salik's (Voyager's) heart has affinity with the dwellers of Jabarut, due to this close association, he knows what is leaving the realm of Jabarut (Seed universe for all universes) (into another universe to become existent) therefore he is aware of such transference (prior to actualization in target universe) and while this might be seen in dreams by some, he sees them while awake!"

Salik (Voyager) is not interested in predicting the future or performing any feat of extraordinary magnitude, he becomes one such mirror crafted from Ishq (Unary Unrestrained Love):

Insan Kamil
Azizeddin Nasafi

"O Darwish! (seeing the flow out of Jabarut) is not by means of the eye in the head, but by the eye in Sirr (Divine Observatory). When Salik (Voyager) reaches the rank of Ishq (Unary Unrestrained Love) the mirror of his heart is (buffed to) simplicity and purity without any designs and shapes, like a mirror buoy within the sea of Jabarut reflects the images of what is in the sea prior to their coming ashore the beaches of Wujud (Being), as images upon the heart of the Salik (Voyager)."

انسان کامل
عزیزالدّین نَسَفی
ای درویش! حسّ را بعالم جبروت راه نیست، و عقل در وی سرگردان است حس ترا بعالم ملک رساند، و عقل ترا بعالم ملکوت رساند و عشق ترا بعالم جبروت رساند از جهت آن که عالم جبروت عالم عشق است، خلقانی که در عالم جبروتاند جمله بر خود عاشقاند. مرآتی میخواهند تا جمال خود را ببینند و صفات خود را مشاهده کنند. مفردات و مرکبّات عالم مرآت اصل جبروتاند.
ای درویش! مراتب این وجه جمله مملوّ از عشقاند، هر مرتبهئی که میآید، آن مرتبه مرآت مرتبۀ ماقبل است و مرتبۀ ماقبل بر خود عاشق است، و بر مرآت هم عاشق است، پس این وجود مملوّ از عشق است و سالک چون بمرتبۀ عشق رسد، و بآتش عشق سوخته شود و پاک و صافی و ساده و بی نقش گردد وی را با اهل جبروت مناسبت پیدا آید که اهل جبروت بغایت ساده و بینقشاند، چون آیینۀ دل سالک را با اهل جبروت مناسبت پیدا آید، آنگاه با آن مناسبت بر عالم جبروت اطلاع یابد تا هر چیز که از عالم جبروت روانه شود تا بیان عالم آید، پیش از آن که باین عالم رسد وی را بر آن اطلاع باشد، چنانکه دیگران در خواب میبینند وی در بیداری میبیند.
ای درویش! آن دیدن نه بچشم سر باشد، بچشم سِرّ بود. سالک چون بمرتبۀ عشق رسید، آیینۀ دل وی چنان پاک و صافی وساده و بی نقش شود که جام جهان نمای و آیینۀ گیتی نمای گردد تا هر چیز که در دریای جبروت روانه شود، تا بساحل وجود آید، پیش از آن که بساحل وجود رسد، عکس آن بر دل سالک پیدا آید.

Sheikh-e Gerāmi (revered sage) suggests a guideline for those who wish to carry such mirrors in their hearts as said above:

Insan Kamil
Azizeddin Nasafi
"Know that the circumstances of the life in this universe shall never stay the same, always in motion, from moment to moment taking different shapes, and before one circumstance is firmly in place another overrides it, like an image replacing the fast fading one before. (Dara: he is describing the frames of a motion picture)

O Darwish! (circumstances of daily life) are like the sea waves. The wise shall never build a home upon the waves i.e. the wise shall never intend (Niyyat) to stay here forever, know that we are all travellers, and all the circumstances and states of the universe are of traveling nature. If it is good times it shall pass, if it is sorrowing times it shall pass just the same. So if you have good times and fortunes do not rely on them, since the next hour is unknown, and if you are sorrowing, don't let your heart break, it is not known what the next hour might bring (of  joy fortune and comforts).

Do not have any hang ups except: You are a source of comfort and solace, not a source of abuse and distress.

Al-Hamdu (Perpetual Praise and Adoration) for Allah Lord of the multiverse."

انسان کامل
عزیزالدّین نَسَفی
در بیان نصیحت
بدان که احوال عالم بر یک حال نمیماند، همیشه در گردش است، هر زمانی صورتی میگیرد، و هر زمانی نقشی پیدا میآید. صورت اول هنوز تمام نشده، و استقامت نیافته که صورت دیگر آید و آن صورت اوّل را محو میگرداند.
ای درویش! بعینه بموج دریا میماند یا خود موج دریاست. و عاقل هرگز بر موج دریا عمارت نسازد، و نیّت اقامت نکند و بیقین بدان که مسافرانیم، و احوال عالم هم مسافر است. اگردولت است میگذرد و اگر محنت است میگذرد. پس اگر دولت داری، اعتماد بر دولت مکن، که معلوم نیست که ساعت دیگر چون باشد؛ و اگر محنت داری، دلتنگ مشو، که معلوم نیست که ساعت دیگر چون باشد. و در بند آن باش که راحت میرسانی و آزار نرسانی. و الحمدللّه رب العالمین.
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